Build trust with a consumer-focused application that simplifies and honors consent decisions.

Data privacy is an equity issue.

People who experience social barriers to optimal health outcomes consume more healthcare and health-related services, generating more health data. Priority populations can feel especially vulnerable when their health data is shared across multiple state agencies, programs, care settings, and social services providers. Too often, people believe that unless they consent to disclose all their health data, they will receive worse care or be denied care altogether.
Effective care coordination and optimal health outcomes require engaged and empowered individuals. This is why consumer trust is needed and must be managed through robust data privacy workflows.

Midato Health engages people to make decisions over how their health data is shared. ShareApprove™ provides for granular data sharing preferences, transcending all-or-nothing approaches. We believe this is essential to maintain balance between interoperability and individual agency.

When you give people agency over their data, trust happens. Your Data. Your Decision.

To build consumer trust, data privacy protections must be upheld. It is vital to collect an individual’s consent for sharing information protected under 42 CFR Part 2 Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Privacy requirements include individual’s written consent be collected prior to disclosing or redisclosing (e.g., viewing, sharing, exchanging) any information that would identify a person as being diagnosed with SUD or receiving SUD treatment.

ShareApprove is the “e-consent inside” service that provides assurance of legal compliance and benefit of ongoing patient trust. ShareApprove:

  • Digitizes regulatory requirements and workflows to comply with 42 CFR Part 2
  • Provides for the capture of granular level consent
  • Captures discrete data to be shared and disclosed in a secure manner

Consumer voices have been missing from health data privacy and data sharing conversations.

Consumers want more control over who can access their health data and for what purpose. Collectively, we hear public demand to “Just Ask Us!” The voices left out of connected care conversations are those of individuals, who in most cases, aren’t offered the opportunity to, for example, authorize their healthcare provider or mental health counselor to make their information available to a social service agency, in order to connect them with beneficial services.

Consumers want more than all-or-nothing approaches to sharing their data. ShareApprove provides consumer-driven granular data sharing preferences.

“As health information, especially information that falls outside of federal privacy laws, is collected and stored in multiple venues, citizens should have greater knowledge of who holds their health-related data, whether it is shared or sold, how secure it is, how it is used, and whether it is being used for commercial gain.”

Consumers demand more control over their health data.

Build consumer trust and get ahead of the curve on health data privacy expectations by embedding ShareApprove as your e-consent inside solution.

Are you ready to secure patient trust?