Digitize data collection and manage consent to facilitate interoperability across health platforms and providers

Data privacy and data sharing do not need to be mutually exclusive. ShareApprove™ enables both.

Using available technologies and standards, Midato Health envisions a health system that honors personal choice, complies with the letter and spirit of data privacy regulations, and elevates the expectations of scalable consented data use.

• ShareApprove unlocks siloed healthcare data in accordance with preferences and policies, serving as an enterprise Master Consent Index for consent preferences across providers and care settings.

• ShareApprove captures granular, non-binary consent preferences that are computable, machine readable, codified, and interoperable.

Secure meaningful consent, collect actionable data, and enable communication for whole-person care.

ShareApprove, works with any system, workflow, and form. ShareApprove:

• Digitizes consent, SDoH screening, and other health forms.

• Captures structured data for reporting and analytics.

• Serves as an enterprise-wide Master Consent Index.

ShareApprove uses Health Level Seven (HL7®) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) – compliant standards.

View, complete, and sign virtually any form.

Make non-binary consent decisions.

Change or revoke consent at any time.

Reduce provider burden with patient-driven consent management and health data collection.

ShareApprove is available as a white label solution.

Partner with us to add patient-driven consent management and health data collection capabilities to your platform.

“The nation relies on Health IT to securely, efficiently, and effectively share health information with patient consent.”

Unlock siloed health data with meaningful consent.

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