A Midato Health Solution


ShareApprove allows individuals to receive, sign, send, and revoke consent authorizations for the use and sharing of personal information, for numerous purposes related to healthcare and social support services.


Organizations offering ShareApprove to their patients or clients can customize consent and authorization forms to the needs of their organization and trigger a consent request to be sent from an EHR, care management solution, or other information technology system to the individual enrolled in ShareApprove. Digitally-signed consent forms can be downloaded as printable PDFs, and ShareApprove will ensure the fidelity of the consent transaction, notifying all parties if consent is revoked, and sending reminders when a consent is nearing expiration.

  • HIPAA disclosures
  • Advance Directives
  • Physician/Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST/MOLST) forms
  • Consent for treatment, tests, surgery, anesthesia, transfusions, etc.
    Participation in a health information exchange or a community information exchange
  • Consent to be notified of clinical trials
  • Consent for participation in a health information exchange or community information exchange
  • Consent for data to be used for research, and sharing data with registries
  • Consent to release records for eligibility determination
  • Consent for hospice care
  • Consent to donate blood or plasma
  • Revocation of consent
  • Others; forms can be customized to the needs of a program or organization

Enhanced Communication

ShareApprove streamlines communication through a secure, user-friendly smartphone or web-enabled app for individual users, and an integrated administrative portal for organizations offering ShareApprove to the individuals they serve.


Individuals are able to manage their preferences for allowing personal information to be shared or viewed, reducing liability for organizations providing care or services, and reducing risk that personal data will be unintentionally exposed or misused.


Administrative users can access search functions; manage role-based user access; customize forms, surveys, and other communication messages to individual users; and view dashboards of data collected from attributed populations through the app (coming in early 2021).


ShareApprove’s bi-directional communication platform will create efficiencies in many business operations, while engaging and building trust with patients and clients.

  • Health histories
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Screening forms and assessments (depression; substance use; social needs; trauma history; other)
  • Eligibility information (financial; employment history; child support; other)
  • Research questionnaires
  • Pain scores and symptom reporting
  • Demographic information changes
  • Reminders (appointments, refills, etc.)
  • Educational materials
  • Others; forms can be customized to the needs of a program or organization

Accelerating Clinical Research

When ShareApprove is offered by a statewide, regional, or community data exchange organization with a clinical data repository or data lake, participating healthcare organizations (health systems, academic medical centers, cancer centers, etc.) can maximize the use of these data troves by requesting patients provide consent to be notified when their demographic and clinical profile may align with a research study. Bi-directional communication then allows a researcher, research assistant, and/or an authorized staff member of a participating clinic in a trial to learn more about potential cohorts through customized questionnaires before scheduling an appointment.

Research teams will also have the ShareApprove tool to engage more easily with cohorts as a trial is underway.

  • Questionnaires before or after enrollment in a trial, delivered through the ShareApprove app
  • Patient-reported outcomes of medication side effects, pain scores, other conditions manifested during the course of a trial, reported through the ShareApprove app
  • Reminders from researchers to trial participants of appointments, or of trial requirements (i.e., notify the research assistant if another medication has been taken, if demographic data changes have occurred, or if a medical condition has changed)
  • Updates from the researchers to cohorts, with engagement opportunities to increase cohort retention in trials
  • Others; forms can be customized to the needs of a program or organization

Greater Value

ShareApprove provides value to healthcare providers participating in value-based payment models by increasing engagement and care coordination opportunities for high need/high cost patients, and by improving patient-to-provider attribution for accurate quality measurement.

  • Improving care coordination through data sharing across and between healthcare and social service organizations
  • Engaging patients in health improvement activities
  • Allowing individuals to attribute specific organizations as part of their care team
  • Enabling individuals to easily provide consent for care team members to share data related to their health and care
  • Creating efficiencies in business operations
  • Allowing data sharing between organizations and agencies serving the same individuals and families with duplicative services
  • Breaking down data silos by putting individuals at the center of their own care