a Midato Health Solution

ShareApprove provides comprehensive scalable consent management and data collection enabled by HL7 FHIR standards.

ShareApprove seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, sending SMS messages containing links that enable people to complete and sign virtually any form. People can make non-binary consent decisions to self-direct the sharing of their health data and change or revoke their consent at any time. ShareApprove captures consent and other health information as structured data for advanced query, reporting, and analytics.
ShareApprove offers complete provenance of the consent, including where it originated and is currently stored, and full accounting of lifecycle events. These capabilities help organizations comply with health data privacy regulations and reduce risk of unauthorized disclosures of regulated health data.

Strengthen consent management capabilities to collect and share health data with confidence for whole-person and value-based care.

ShareApprove can ingest proprietary consent and health data collection forms in accordance with state health data privacy regulations and programmatic requirements. Invitations to complete forms can be sent from any system including Electronic Health Records, member enrollment, care coordination, care management, and interoperability platforms. Digitally signed forms can be downloaded as printable PDFs and data can be bulk transferred for reporting and analytics use. ShareApprove ensures the fidelity of consent transactions through notifications and reminders when consent is changed, revoked, or nearing expiration.



Eliminate clip boards, difficult-to-complete paper forms, and manual entry to collect meaningful consent, SDoH, and other health data.


Consent Data

Collect data in a way you can use it for decision support, query, reporting, and analytics.



Elevate your approach to compliance by easily accessing consent artifacts to identify when consent was captured and changed.

Activate Master

Consent Index

Establish a source of truth for active consent preferences across your enterprise.

ShareApprove in Action

ShareApprove solves for common consent challenges by offering a transition from paper-based to digital forms that enables metadata-based search and retrieval, delivering interoperable digital forms for content-based search and retrieval, making interoperable consent computable for in-depth search and retrieval of consent policies, and allowing for non-binary consent decisions.

Your platform, your workflow, your forms.

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