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Midato's Vision

Midato Health believes in the power of data to improve the health of individuals and communities.

We believe individuals should be able to:

  • choose when and with whom their sensitive information is shared,
  • be informed in advance when personal information may be shared for purposes other than treatment, payment for services, or legally required reporting,
  • have confidence that end-of-life treatment wishes are known and honored, and
  • be notified when they may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial or research study.

Benefits of ShareApprove as a community-wide service include:

  • Better coordination of care and services for individuals with complex needs
  • More accurate and complete data for health researchers, social benefit programs, public health monitoring, and measurement of health outcomes
  • More diverse cohorts identified for clinical trials
  • Decreased costs of clinical research
  • Reduced liability for organizations when data use has not been authorized, or when consent forms are not kept up-to-date
  • Fewer duplicative services when information is not accessible

We are committed to diversity and inclusion.

We offer consulting services to improve health and healthcare.

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We offer digital health solutions to improve health and healthcare.